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Transmissions from the Heart of Darkness, part II: A ghost in the belly of the machine

by Various Artists

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Amateurs d'IDM, de noise, de dark ambient, de drone, d'indus, de doom metal ou autres univers sombres et sans concessions qu'arpente le blog Des Cendres à la Cave depuis sa création en février dernier, attendez-vous à une plongée âpre et cinématographique dans les tréfonds d'un puits d'angoisse et de mystère dont vous ne ressortirez pas indemne. Cette fois, honneur à ce côté obscur des musiques électroniques souvent mis à l'honneur dans nos pages avec pas moins de 15 morceaux originaux inspirés du thème "Un fantôme dans les entrailles de la machine", qu'illustre également l'artwork énigmatique de Lou Nugues, au diapason de la suite des aventures de Smith le Mineur sorti tout droit de l'imagination d'Alister.
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Chacun des volets de la compilation est accompagné en libre téléchargement d'un chapitre en français de la nouvelle du même nom, écrite par Alister et adaptée en anglais par Franck Périgny. Pour en découvrir la première partie, téléchargez librement "Transmissions from the Heart of Darkness, part I: A noise at the end of the tunnel".
Each part of the compilation "Transmissions from the Heart of Darkness" comes in free download with a chapter of a short story in french, written par Alister and translated in english by Franck Périgny. To read the first part, please download for free "Transmissions from the Heart of Darkness, part I: A noise at the end of the tunnel".



Chapter II : A ghost in the belly of the machine (extract)

« Smith had frozen on the spot. He stared at the mysterious light that whirled at the end of the cave, all senses alert, ready to leap behind a pillar, dreading to hear that sound again. Then, after a few moments, he relaxed a little and tried to slow down the pounding of his heart. Nothing was coming.

As best he could, he began walking along the paved way, almost shyly, a bit frightened by what he saw. His heart was beating fast. He was in London's underground... He'd thought no one had ever dug as deep as the company that employed him. He'd obviously been wrong. As he walked, he looked around. Every tier of every pillar was decorated with different symbols. He could make out patterns, probably rubbed out by time and erosion, judging by the puddles scattered on the ground, filled by droplets that crashed into them at regular intervals with a more or less resonant "plop". He was amusing himself by trying to anticipate them when he started again in panic. The noise was here again. Closer, of course. He could hear it better: a mighty breathing sound, coarse and brief. But not human breathing. He could barely make out, like a sonic watermark, the sound of a cogwheel mechanism, almost like the noise of the machines at the vapour automotive factory. He recoiled involuntarily and his foot burst through the smooth surface of a grey water puddle, wetting the hem of his work trousers. The water was icy. He stifled a cry of surprise and quickly stepped out. Again, he took a few moments to recover. "Geez, Smith," he thought, resuming his progression. "You're such a coward. Hurry up out of this hole."

As he walked, he could see more of the ruins. Here, the remains of a frieze on the wall; there, the base of some decorative object, maybe a plant pot. None of this could have been created by nature, there was no doubt about that. Except maybe the stalactites and stalagmites that had formed here and there, above or right in the middle of the puddles. The unsteady glow that came from the end of the cave made shadows dance around him, rays darting from behind a pillar, bouncing off puddles and reflecting on the wet walls. He would get lost in contemplation and found more than once that he was standing still, having just forgotten to keep walking. He would then resume his course, almost confused. He had every excuse: he'd never seen anything like this.

He reached the end of the cave. The path took a turn to his right, into a wide corridor he could barely see the ceiling of. He slowed down a little. To be honest, he was dreading to keep going. »


The whole english translation of Chapter II will be available later.


Interviews published so far :

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- Alexandre Navarro : descendresalacave.blogspot.fr/2012/12/interview-from-heart-of-darkness-10.html (french only)



released January 10, 2013

Mastering by Giovanni Roma aka Gianni Blob.
Track 13 "Infected Plasma" mastered by Plaster @ Antlilights Mixmaster.

Short story by Alister. English translation by Franck Périgny.

Artwork by Lou Nugues.




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